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First Impression on Switzerland

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any sickness cause by individual stupidity and will not be held accountable for any such actions. By reading this article (partly or fully), you agree to the above conditions.

Arrived in Switzerland a day ago. It was a 17 hours trip, but thanks to the quality of my sleep, I do not have to deal with jet lag, at least for the time being. I am really glad that I do not have to deal with the constant damaging sunlight anymore. At least it is chill enough to actually wear long sleeves and not feel the heat, or sweat as if I just had a shower, or both.

One key difference that I notice between Zurich and other major cities is that there is no tall buildings around. There is no skyscrapers, glass buildings, or the typical skyline that one see when driving along the highway during the sunset. In fact, I have yet to see a building (Other than ETH Zurich, lol) that is taller than 5 floors. Calling it a humongous town instead of a city may not be too far fetched after all.

The breads here are great. Maybe it is just me, but the toasts here are actually fluffy and , soft, unlike some country that makes a dry and hard version of the bread I found here, or some other country that makes sticky and soggy toasts. Every meal since I landed had been, in one way or another, mainly bread. We shall see how many days I can go without having the urge to get some rice and cook it.

Until recently, I thought Germany cities has the best and cleanest water system. I was wrong. I was very wrong. In Germany, at best i would drink the water from a tap, but here in Zurich, unless otherwise mentioned, you can essentially drink from any moving body of water.  Saw a faucet on the street? Drinkable. Fountain in the middle of the street? Help yourself. Saw a bottle of water on a street car? Well, maybe don’t actually drink it in this case. Okay maybe don’t take the ‘any moving body of water’ above literally. My bad.

That’s it for now, tomorrow I will have bunch of new adventures to experience, and maybe share some interesting stories by the end of the week/month.


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