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Food in Zurich

Everything in Zurich is expensive. This is a general statement from a lot of people that had been to Zurich when you first ask them about Zurich. As a student, that is a total nightmare, as one has to spend approximately 1750 CHF/month (current conversion rate as of writing: 1 CHF = 1.0584 USD) to live in Zurich.

Luckily, for the first week I arrive in Zurich, I manage to spend only 7 CHF per meal on average some meals are cheap because student pricing provided by ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, but that is not the point. Perhaps adjusting my diet and eating local food helps. Generally, following locals’ food habit is a good way to save money.

One other complaint that I hear from Asian people is that the bread are really hard compared to the ones in Asia. I’d like to point out that there are literally hundreds of breads to choose from. There will be the types of bread that you are looking for if you look hard enough. Alternatively, you can try each and every bread to decide which bread has the best taste and texture; by the time you try all of them, you will already get used to eating bread usually by the forth or fifth bread, you have a general idea of how hard each bread is just judging by its skin and the colour.

Visit Migros (Some market that is like Walmart, but better quality. Perhaps like Valumart in Ontario, Canada) for cheap food, they alternate the deals every now and then so that poor students like me can get a change of flavour once in a while. There are also tricks in getting quality food in these markets, as long as you know how to ask, and where to look at. Some of the generic/off brand food actually taste as good as named brands, but costs half as much. For these brands you kinda have to try it and try your luck. Most of them taste pretty good though.

Finally, if you are a student, perhaps going to events is a good idea. These events will not feed you until you’re full, but at least you will not feel hungry in the middle of the day and have to spend a fortune for a sandwich. Or you can just take extra from the event and call it your dinner.Just kidding. Actually, don’t do it..


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